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United StatesMotorcyclerMotorsports

Sue Fish

Sue Fish, a pioneering female motocross racer, left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports as one of the first women to compete and excel in this thrilling and demanding sport. Born in November 1958, Fish’s passion for motorcycles was ignited at a young age by her father, who himself had participated in dirt track and hare scrambles races.

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United StatesDisabledSkier

Candace Cable

Candace Cable, born in 1954, is a remarkable athlete and inspiration to millions. Her achievements as a Paralympian and pioneer in disability sports have solidified her place in history. Cable’s impact on society, particularly in promoting inclusivity, cannot be understated.

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ChinaWater Polo

Yang Jun

Yang Jun, born in Beijing in 1988, is a prominent figure in the world of water polo. Her journey is marked by determination, resilience, and an unwavering passion for her craft. She has made remarkable contributions to the sport as a goalkeeper, leaving an indelible mark on Olympic water polo history.

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Great BritainWater Polo

Rosemary Morris

Rosemary Morris, also known as Rosie Morris, was born on January 31, 1986, in the United Kingdom. She is widely recognized as a British water polo player who made significant contributions to the sport and represented her nation at the highest level. Morris began her water polo journey at a young age and quickly showcased her talent and dedication. She honed her skills and technique, which eventually led to her selection as a member of the Great Britain women’s water polo team for the 2012 Summer Olympics. This historic event marked the first ever Olympic appearance of the GB women’s water polo team. Competing on the grand stage of the Olympics, Morris displayed her exceptional abilities and played a crucial role in her team’s performance. Her determination and resilience were evident throughout the tournament, inspiring her teammates and leaving a lasting impact on the sport itself. Morris’s participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics was a testament to her skills, as well as her commitment to representing her country with pride and honor. In addition to her Olympic journey, Morris also competed at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships. This prestigious event brought together the best water polo players from around the world, and Morris once again demonstrated her excellence in the sport. Her participation in such high-profile competitions solidified her reputation as a formidable athlete in the water polo community. Throughout her career, Morris faced various challenges and obstacles inherent in being a professional athlete. She overcame these hurdles with her unwavering determination and unwavering spirit, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, particularly women in sports. Her achievements in water polo broke barriers and paved the way for future generations, contributing to the growth and recognition of women’s sports in society. Beyond her athletic prowess, Morris remains an influential figure in women’s history. As a pioneer in the GB women’s water polo team, she defied gender stereotypes and shattered glass ceilings in a traditionally male-dominated sport. Her dedication, talent, and achievements have made a lasting impact on women’s sport in the United Kingdom and beyond. With her remarkable career and outstanding contributions to the sport of water polo, Rosemary Morris has become a symbol of excellence and inspiration. Her passion for the sport, coupled with her desire to break social barriers, has left an indelible mark on the world of women’s sports, making her a role model for aspiring athletes everywhere. Awards: No official awards or recognitions have been recorded at the time of writing.

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Jeannette Campbell

Jeannette Morven Campbell was a trailblazing Argentine swimmer who became the first Argentine female to participate in the Olympic Games. Her remarkable achievements in swimming, including breaking records and winning a silver medal in the 1936 Summer Olympics, paved the way for future generations of female athletes in South America. Campbell’s legacy as an exceptional athlete and an inspiration to others lives on.

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Nadezhda Gracheva

Nadezhda Gracheva, a Russian ballerina, was born on December 21, 1969 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Her talent and dedication to ballet led her to become one of the most celebrated ballerinas of her generation. Gracheva made significant contributions to the world of ballet during her time at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet, captivating audiences with her grace and artistry. Her legacy as a gifted ballerina and influential teacher continues to inspire and shape the future of dance.

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Christine Mboma

At just 18 years old, Christine Mboma made history by winning a silver medal in the 200 meters at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Not only did she become the first Namibian woman to win a women’s Olympic medal, but she also broke the world under-20 record and African senior record in the process. Mboma’s remarkable journey from a small village in Namibia to the Olympic podium is a testament to her determination and hard work.

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United StatesRugby

Phaidra Knight

Phaidra Knight (born July 4, 1974) is an American former rugby union footballer who made a significant impact on the sport and paved the way for future generations. As a member of the United States national team from 1999 to 2017, Knight’s legacy in women’s rugby is marked by her exceptional skills and remarkable achievements.

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MexicoTrack & Field

Ana Guevara

Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, born on March 4, 1977, in Nogales, Sonora, is a Mexican former track and field athlete renowned for her outstanding performances in the 400 meters event. She began her athletic career in 1996 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most formidable competitors in her discipline. Guevara’s crowning achievement came on August 27, 2003, in Paris, France. It was there that she became the World Champion in the women’s 400 meters, setting a personal record, a national record, and a world-leading time of 48.89 seconds.

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United StatesBowling

Donna Adamek

Donna Adamek, born in 1957 in Duarte, California, is a significant figure in the world of American tenpin bowling. She showed promising talent from a young age and went on to dominate the women’s bowling scene between 1977 and 1981. Adamek’s remarkable success and contributions have inspired generations of female bowlers and challenged gender stereotypes in the sport.

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United StatesLacrosse

Ginny Capicchioni

Ginny Capicchioni, a lacrosse goaltender, broke gender barriers in professional sports. She played women’s lacrosse at Sacred Heart University, where she excelled and set multiple program records. After college, Capicchioni became the first woman to sign with a men’s professional lacrosse team and played in a men’s professional lacrosse game. She also became the first American-born goalkeeper to compete in a Canadian Lacrosse Championship and the first woman to play for a men’s national team in any sport. Capicchioni’s trailblazing and talent earned her recognition and respect in the sport.

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Rosi Mittermaier

Rosi Mittermaier, born Rosa Katharina Mittermaier-Neureuther on August 5, 1950, in Munich, Germany, was a renowned alpine skier who left an indelible mark on the sport. Over the course of her career, Mittermaier achieved remarkable success, winning multiple Olympic medals and dominating the Alpine Ski World Cup. Beyond her athletic accomplishments, she remained a prominent figure in the media, engaging in various endeavors as an advertiser, sports ambassador, and non-fiction author. Mittermaier’s impact was recognized in 2006 when she became the first winter sports athlete to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of German Sport, an honor she co-founded.

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NetherlandsWater Polo

Simone van de Kraats

Simone van de Kraats, a Dutch water polo player, has cemented her place as one of the best in the sport. With her incredible talent and determination, she has impressed both on and off the field. Representing the Dutch national team and excelling in the Summer Olympics, van de Kraats has become a role model for aspiring athletes, elevating women’s water polo to new heights.

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United StatesSwimmer

Gloria Callen

Gloria Marie Callen (1923-2016) was an American backstroke swimmer whose exceptional talent and dedication to the sport led her to set 35 American records and one world record in her career. Despite not being able to compete in world championships or the Olympic Games due to World War II, her impact on the world of swimming was undeniable. She was recognized with prestigious honors and inducted into the Rockland County Sports Hall of Fame and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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United StatesBasketballCoach

Dawn Stanley

Dawn Michelle Staley is an American basketball Hall of Fame player and coach. She won three Olympic gold medals with Team USA as a player and later became the head coach of another gold-medal winning team. Staley’s impact extended beyond basketball as she served as a role model for aspiring athletes, especially young women. She has achieved remarkable success as a coach, leading the University of South Carolina Gamecocks to multiple SEC championships, Final Fours, and NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championships. Staley’s contributions to women’s sports have solidified her as a significant figure in women’s history.

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CanadaFranceUnited States

Mary Pierce

Mary Caroline Pierce, born in 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was a highly acclaimed tennis professional with a diverse heritage. Her exceptional talent and determination led her to win four Grand Slam titles and reach six Grand Slam singles finals. Mary Pierce’s impressive career and personal challenges shaped her journey both on and off the court, solidifying her legacy as one of the sport’s greats.

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Karine Ruby

Karine Ruby, a French snowboarder, made history by winning the gold medal in the giant slalom event at the 1998 Winter Olympics. She became the first woman to achieve this feat, solidifying her place in snowboarding history. Ruby’s remarkable achievements and dedication to the sport continue to inspire athletes worldwide.

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Great BritainRugby

Deborah Griffin

Deborah Griffin OBE is a pioneer in the growth of women’s rugby, both in England and globally. She began her rugby journey during her time at university in the 1970s, and further honed her skills while playing for the Richmond Women’s Rugby Club. However, her impact on the sport extended far beyond her playing career.

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Susana Rodríguez

Susana Rodríguez Gacio, a Spanish doctor, paratriathlete, and sprinter, has defied the odds and become a five-time world champion in paratriathlon and a Paralympic gold medalist. Overcoming the challenges of albinism and a severe visual impairment, Rodríguez has left an indelible mark on the world of sports and medicine, becoming a symbol of triumph over adversity.

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Violette Verdy

Violette Verdy, a renowned French ballerina, was a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet from 1958 to 1977. Her exquisite technique and natural elegance brought choreographies by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins to life. Verdy’s impact on the world of ballet extended beyond her performing career, as she also dedicated herself to teaching and choreography. She left a lasting legacy in the art form, inspiring future generations of dancers and choreographers.

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United StatesGolfer

Marilynn Smith

Marilynn Louise Smith was a prominent American professional golfer who played a significant role in the establishment of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). Her remarkable skills and dedication to the sport led her to win numerous championships and become one of the greatest golfers of her time. Smith’s influence extended beyond the golf course, breaking barriers in sports broadcasting and inspiring generations of female golfers to achieve greatness. Her legacy in women’s golf will always be remembered.

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Great BritainChoreographerDancer

Gillian Lynne

Gillian Lynne, a prominent English ballerina, dancer, and choreographer, was known for her iconic theatre choreography in Cats and The Phantom of the Opera. Her remarkable career began at a young age and she made significant contributions to the world of dance and theatre. Lynne’s talent and innovative choreography solidified her status as one of the most influential figures in the performing arts industry. She was honored with the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2014 and left a lasting legacy upon her passing in 2018.

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United KingdomUnited StatesAstronaut

Merritt Moore

Merritt Moore (born February 24, 1988) is an American ballerina and quantum physicist. She studied at both the University of Oxford and Harvard University. Moore works to combine her interests in physics and ballet through her research and dedication in both the arts and sciences.

Moore has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Harvard University and a PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. She has danced professionally for many ballet companies across the world including the English National Ballet and Norwegian National Ballet. Moore has performed in Swan Lake and The Nutcracker among other ballets.

She was featured as one of the contestants on BBC’s ‘Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?’ in 2017. Moore has also been recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and was featured in Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women competition. She has spoken at TEDxOxbridge in 2013 and performed a ballet duet with dance partner Adam Kirkham.

In addition to her achievements in both ballet and physics, Moore started SASters – a group that encourages women to pursue their dreams in the arts and sciences. Currently, she is completing her residency at Harvard University’s ArtLab where her work combines science and dance through the use of robots.

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United StatesCoachSwimmer

Sharon Stouder

Sharon Marie Stouder (1948–2013) was an American competition swimmer who made a significant impact on the sport at a young age. At the 1964 Summer Olympics, she won three gold medals and one silver, solidifying her place as one of the most successful female swimmers of her time. Stouder’s remarkable achievements in the butterfly and freestyle events, including setting world records, earned her a place in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Her legacy as one of the greatest female swimmers of all time endures.

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GermanyHigh JumperTrack & Field

Ulrike Meyfarth

Ulrike Nasse-Meyfarth is a German former high jumper who won the Olympic title twice. She became the youngest Olympic champion ever in women’s high jump in 1972 and then became the oldest ever in 1984.

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Lao Lishi

Lao Lishi, born in 1987 in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, is a female diver from China. Her exceptional talent and determination propelled her to become one of the most celebrated divers in Chinese history. Lishi’s journey exemplifies her unmatched talent and perseverance, serving as an inspiration to athletes worldwide. She has achieved remarkable success, including Olympic gold and silver medals, and has left an indelible mark on the sport of diving.

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Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing, a retired Chinese diver, is a multi-time Olympic gold medalist and world champion. Known as “The Princess of Diving,” she achieved remarkable success in the 3-meter springboard event, winning five consecutive World Championships. Despite setbacks and a ban from the national team, Guo’s dedication and talent solidified her place in diving history and made her an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

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United StatesBasketballCoach

Anne Donovan

Anne Theresa Donovan (November 1, 1961 – June 13, 2018) was an American women’s basketball player and coach who left an indelible mark on the sport. Born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, she displayed her athletic prowess at a young age and went on to achieve remarkable success both as a player and a coach. Donovan’s legacy includes winning two Olympic gold medals, being enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and paving the way for future generations of female coaches.

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New ZealandLong JumperTrack & Field

Yvette Williams

Yvette Williams, born in 1929 in Dunedin, New Zealand, was a trailblazing athlete who made history as the first New Zealand woman to win an Olympic gold medal and hold the world record in the women’s long jump. Her remarkable achievements and dedication continue to inspire generations of female athletes.

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Nicolasa Escamilla

Nicolasa Escamilla, also known as “La Pajuelera,” was a groundbreaking Spanish bullfighter during the 18th century. Recognized as a pioneer woman in bullfighting, she showcased exceptional skill in handling the stopping rod. Nicolasa’s first recorded appearance in bullfighting dates back to 1747. Her contributions and early involvement in the sport laid the groundwork for future generations of female bullfighters.

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United StatesDoctorMountaineer

Cora Smith Eaton

Cora Eliza Smith Eaton King was an American suffragist, physician, and mountaineer. She became the first woman in North Dakota to be licensed as a physician. Cora was deeply involved in the suffrage movement and played a significant role in advocating for women’s right to vote. She also made groundbreaking contributions to the medical field as a licensed physician and specialized in female circumcisions. Additionally, she was a founding member of The Mountaineers, an organization dedicated to outdoor activities and conservation.

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South KoreaBalletDancer

Hee Seo

Hee Seo, the talented South Korean ballet dancer, has made a significant impact on the world of ballet with her exquisite technique and graceful performances. Born on March 13, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea, Seo’s journey to becoming a principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is a testament to her dedication and exceptional talent.

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United StatesMatadora

Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick was a pioneering American bullfighter and the first woman in North America to fight bulls professionally. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, her fascination with bullfighting began at age seven during a family trip to Mexico City. She eventually pursued her passion, becoming a professional Matadora. Despite facing numerous challenges and injuries, McCormick’s remarkable journey broke barriers and left a lasting legacy.

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United StatesAsian AmericanFigure Skater

Kristi Yamaguchi

Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi, born on July 12, 1971, is an American former competitive figure skater and author. A true trailblazer in the sport, Yamaguchi made history as the first Asian American to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympic competition. Her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft earned her recognition as the 1992 Olympic champion, a two-time World champion (1991 and 1992), and the 1992 U.S. champion.

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Lidiya Alexeeva

Lidiya Vladimirovna Alexeeva, a prominent figure in Russian basketball, was born on July 4, 1924, in Moscow. As a player, coach, and leader, Alexeeva left an indelible mark on the sport, shaping it in profound ways and leaving a lasting legacy.

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AustriaTable Tennis

Gertrude Pritzi

Gertrude Pritzi (15 January 1920 – 21 October 1968) was a female international table tennis player from Austria. Throughout her career, Pritzi achieved remarkable success and left a significant impact on the sport. Her dedication and skill in table tennis made her one of the most influential and celebrated players of her time.

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United StatesBasketball

Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes, born in 1971 in Brownfield, Texas, revolutionized women’s basketball with her exceptional talent and groundbreaking achievements. From her early days in a local children’s league to leading the Texas Tech Lady Raiders to an NCAA championship, Swoopes left an indelible mark on the sport. She became the first player signed in the WNBA, a three-time MVP, and a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Swoopes’ lasting legacy earned her a place in the basketball Hall of Fame and solidified her status as one of the sport’s legends.

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United StatesDiverDiving

Donna Tobias

Donna M. Tobias, a pioneering American diver, broke barriers for women in deep-sea diving with her exceptional achievements. Despite facing gender-based obstacles, Tobias became the first woman to graduate from the Navy Deep Sea Diving School, leading to a groundbreaking career in search and salvage operations. Her dedication and expertise in hyperbaric chamber treatment made her a respected figure in the diving community. Posthumously inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, Tobias’s legacy continues to inspire future generations.

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Katti Lanner

Katti Lanner, a renowned Viennese ballet dancer, choreographer, and ballet mistress, captivated audiences with her performances in Germany and England. Born into a musical and artistic family, Katti began her dance training at a young age. Throughout her career, she shared the stage with renowned ballet dancers and choreographed her own works. Known for her talent, technique, and innovative spirit, Katti left a lasting impact on the world of ballet. Although no official awards or recognitions have been documented, she is remembered as one of the most celebrated ballet dancers and choreographers of her time.

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Nellie Kim

Nellie Vladimirovna Kim, a retired Soviet and Belarusian gymnast, overcame doubts and challenges to become one of the most decorated gymnasts in history. She achieved groundbreaking success at the 1976 Summer Olympics, scoring a perfect 10 on the vault and floor exercise. Her contributions as an athlete, coach, and judge have made a lasting impact on women’s gymnastics.

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United StatesActivistTennis

Peachy Kellmeyer

Fern ‘Peachy’ Kellmeyer, born in 1944 in West Virginia, United States, is a retired tennis player and current tennis administrator who has made significant contributions to women’s tennis. Kellmeyer challenged gender norms by becoming the first woman to compete on a Division 1 men’s tennis squad and played a crucial role in the fight for women’s athletic scholarships. As the tour director of the Virginia Slims Circuit, she elevated the status and professionalism of women’s tennis, paving the way for gender equality in sports.

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Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

Aranzazu Isabel Maria Sanchez Vicario, born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971, is a Spanish former world No. 1 tennis player. She achieved great success in both singles and doubles, winning a total of 14 Grand Slam titles. Sanchez Vicario also won four Olympic medals and five Fed Cup titles representing Spain. Her remarkable career and numerous achievements have solidified her as one of the all-time greats in women’s tennis history.

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United StatesActivistBusiness

Nancy Hogshead

Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an American swimmer and CEO of Champion Women. She won three gold medals and one silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Her advocacy work focuses on equality and accountability in sports, addressing issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse.

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United StatesRunner

Bobbi Gibb

Bobbi Gibb, born in 1942 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, grew up in Boston, where her passion for running developed. Despite the lack of specialized running shoes for women, Gibb trained rigorously and set her sights on the Boston Marathon. Facing discrimination and skepticism, she disguised herself as a man and became the first woman to finish the historic race. Her courageous feat broke barriers and inspired future generations of female runners.

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United StatesActorMatadora

Bette Ford

Bette Ford, born Harriet Elizabeth Dingeldein, is an American actress and model turned professional bullfighter. She made history as the first American woman to fight on foot in the Plaza México, inspiring other women to challenge gender norms and pursue their passions. With a successful acting career and groundbreaking achievements in bullfighting, Ford is a role model for women in both sports and the entertainment industry.

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Galina Prozumenshchikova

Galina Prozumenshchikova, a Soviet breaststroke swimmer, achieved great success at the Olympic Games and European Championships during the 1960s and 1970s. Her talent and dedication in the pool not only brought her personal glory but also made a significant impact on Soviet swimming history.

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United StatesSnowboarder

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark, an American snowboarder, has achieved remarkable success in her career, starting at a young age. With her natural talent and passion for the sport, she made her way into the competitive scene, eventually earning a spot on the US Snowboard team. Her triumph at the Winter Olympics in 2002 solidified her status as one of the top snowboarders in the world and contributed to the growth and popularity of snowboarding globally. Clark’s dedication, skill, and faith have made her a role model for aspiring athletes in the snowboarding community.

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Irene Paredes

Irene Paredes Hernández, born on 4 July 1991, is a Spanish professional footballer who has made a significant impact on the sport as a centre-back for both club and country. Her talent, leadership, and dedication have earned her a place among the top footballers in the world.

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RussiaWater Polo

Sofia Konukh

Sofia Evgenevna Konukh, born on March 9, 1980, in Chelyabinsk, is a notable Russian water polo player who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her exceptional achievements and contributions to the game have made her a revered figure in women’s water polo history.

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Lydia Chagoll

Lydia Chagoll (1931-2020) was a Dutch-born dancer, choreographer, film director, screenwriter, writer, and actress. Her experiences during World War II, including being held in Japanese Internment Camps in Indonesia, shaped her worldview and fueled her commitment to shedding light on injustice. Chagoll’s impactful work in film, such as “In the Name of the Führer” and “Voor de glimlach van een kind,” brought attention to important social issues and led to the founding of organizations dedicated to protecting vulnerable children. Her contributions to the arts and social activism have left a lasting impact on Dutch and Belgian society.

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Djurdjica Bjedov

Đurđa “Đurđica” Bjedov, born on April 5, 1947, in Split, Yugoslavia (present-day Croatia), became the only Yugoslav Olympic champion in swimming. She stunned the world at the 1968 Olympics by winning gold in the 100m breaststroke and breaking the Olympic record. Bjedov’s success continued with a silver medal in the 200m breaststroke, and she was honored as the Yugoslav Athlete of the Year in 1968. After retiring, she became a swimming coach and has left a lasting legacy in the sport.

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Michelle Cameron

Michelle A. Cameron-Coulter, CM, was a retired Canadian Olympic synchronized swimmer and former world champion. She formed an incredible partnership with Carolyn Waldo, dominating the synchronized swimming scene and achieving remarkable success. Their most notable achievement came at the 1988 Summer Olympics, where they secured a gold medal in the women’s duet event. Cameron’s outstanding performance not only brought glory to herself but also inspired future generations of synchronized swimmers. She received several honors and accolades for her exceptional contributions to the sport, solidifying her status as one of the country’s greatest synchronized swimmers.

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Christl Haas

Christl Haas was a legendary Austrian alpine skier who dominated the sport in the 1960s. Born and raised in Kitzbühel, she quickly rose to prominence with her natural talent and passion for skiing. Haas achieved numerous notable victories, including becoming the downhill world champion at the young age of 18. Despite a tragic car accident cutting her career short, her impact on alpine skiing remains unforgettable.

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New ZealandCanoeing

Teneale Hatton

Teneale Hatton is a New Zealand flatwater canoer who has achieved great success in her sport. She has won multiple medals in various competitions and even made history by becoming the second non-European to win the K-1 1000m event at the World Championships. Hatton’s dedication and talent have made her an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world.

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United StatesBasketball

Chris Weller

Chris Weller is a former University of Maryland women’s basketball coach who led the Lady Terps for 27 seasons. She was a highly successful coach, with notable achievements including eight ACC championships and two NCAA Final 4 appearances. Weller’s impact extended beyond coaching, as she advocated for the growth of women’s basketball in Maryland and was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

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Natalie Cook

Natalie Louise Cook OAM OLY is an Australian professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist. She has made a significant impact in the world of beach volleyball and became the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games.

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United StatesAfrican AmericanBasketball

DeLisha Milton-Jones

DeLisha Lachell Milton-Jones, born in Riceboro, Georgia, on September 11, 1974, became a basketball superstar known for her versatility and leadership. She achieved success both in college and the WNBA, earning multiple accolades, including Olympic gold medals and WNBA championships. Now retired from playing, Milton-Jones is sharing her wealth of experience as the head coach of Old Dominion, inspiring the next generation of players with her determination and commitment to the sport.

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United KingdomAviationLGBTQIA

Roberta Cowell

Roberta Elizabeth Marshall Cowell (1918-2011) was a British racing driver and Second World War fighter pilot. She was the first known British trans woman to undergo gender-affirming surgery in 1948. Cowell’s pioneering spirit and determination to live an authentic life have significantly contributed to the history of transgender individuals in the United Kingdom. Her courage continues to inspire and pave the way for future generations.

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Nancye Wynne Bolton

Nancye Wynne Bolton, a talented and accomplished tennis player from Australia, left a lasting impact on the sport with her remarkable career. She achieved a career-high ranking of World No. 4 and won the women’s singles title at the Australian Championships six times. Bolton’s dedication, resilience, and determination continue to inspire aspiring athletes worldwide. Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004, her incredible talent is recognized and honored.

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CanadaCyclistSpeed Skater

Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes, a Canadian cyclist and speed skater, has left an indelible mark on the sports world. With multiple Olympic medals in both cycling and speed skating, Hughes has carved her name in the annals of athletic history. Her achievements, perseverance, and dedication have made her a role model and an inspiration for many.

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United StatesBasketball

Nera White

Nera D. White, one of the greatest female basketball players in history, left an indelible impact on the sport. With an impressive record of ten AAU national championships, Nera’s skills on the court were unparalleled. She was not only an exceptional athlete but also a versatile softball player, making her mark in multiple positions. Nera’s influence extended beyond sports, inspiring future generations of women athletes. She was rightfully honored with induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

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United StatesBaseball

Toni Stone

Toni Stone, a pioneering American female professional baseball player, defied gender norms and played in predominantly male leagues from 1949 to 1954. Known for her athleticism and talent as a pitcher, Stone’s groundbreaking career shattered barriers and inspired future generations of female athletes. Despite facing discrimination and taunting, her resilience and determination left an indelible mark on baseball and women’s history.

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TurkeyWeight Lifting

Sibel Özkan

Sibel Özkan, a Turkish weightlifter, has overcome numerous challenges to become a prominent figure in the sport. From living in orphanages to achieving success on the international stage, Özkan’s story is an inspiration to aspiring athletes, particularly women. Her determination and resilience have allowed her to achieve remarkable feats in weightlifting and serve as a reminder of the importance of fair competition.

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Rodica Arba

Rodica Arba (née Puşcatu), a retired Romanian rower, made a significant impact on the sport. Arba’s journey began at a young age and led her to multiple Olympic Games and World Rowing Championships. With numerous medals and triumphs, Arba’s legacy as one of Romania’s most remarkable rowers continues to inspire.

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SwedenFigure Skater

Vivi-Ann Hulten

Vivi-Anne Hultén, a Swedish figure skater, achieved remarkable success in her career. Known for her graceful and powerful performances on the ice, she secured a silver medal at the 1933 World Championships and a bronze medal at the 1936 Winter Olympics. Her refusal to perform a Nazi salute to Hitler showcased her integrity and bravery. Hultén’s legacy lives on through her coaching and the lasting impact she had on the figure skating world.

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RussiaUnited StatesBasketball

Tatyana McFadden

Tatyana McFadden, an American Paralympic athlete of Russian descent, overcame great adversity from a young age. Born with spina bifida and abandoned by her birth mother, she was adopted by a kind couple and brought to Baltimore. Despite her physical challenges, McFadden excelled in various sports, winning numerous Paralympic medals and becoming a champion in marathons. Her inspiring story and advocacy work have made her an influential figure in promoting inclusivity and equality.

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RussiaJavelinTrack & Field

Klavdiya Mayuchaya

Klavdiya Yakovlevna Mayuchaya (née Lapteva) was a legendary Soviet track and field athlete known for her remarkable contributions to the sport, particularly in the javelin throw. She became the first woman to throw the javelin beyond fifty meters and achieved numerous titles and championships throughout her career. Her determination and pioneering achievements continue to inspire female athletes and solidify her status as an icon in women’s history.

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United StatesGolfer

Nancy Lopez

Nancy Marie Lopez, born on January 6, 1957, in Torrance, California, made her mark on women’s golf with her exceptional skills and passion for the sport. Winning numerous championships in the amateur circuit and dominating the professional scene, Lopez’s achievements and influence transformed the game of golf. She has won a remarkable 48 LPGA Tour events and received prestigious awards, including LPGA Rookie of the Year and LPGA Player of the Year.

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Janeth Arcain

Janeth dos Santos Arcain, one of the greatest women’s basketball players in Brazilian history, had a remarkable career both domestically and internationally. Known for her skill and versatility on the court, she played a pivotal role in the Houston Comets’ dynasty in the WNBA, winning four consecutive championships. Arcain also made significant contributions to Brazilian basketball, winning the FIBA World Championship for Women and earning medals in the Olympic Games. Her impact on women’s basketball continues to inspire future generations.

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United StatesRodeo

Pat North Ommert

Pat North Ommert, a renowned rodeo trick rider born in Bell, California in 1929, has captivated audiences worldwide with her daring stunts and breathtaking performances. With a career spanning several decades, Ommert’s contributions to the world of rodeo and her dedication to preserving California’s horse trails have solidified her place in women’s history.

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United StatesBasketball

Louise O’Neal

Louise O’Neal, a trailblazer in women’s basketball, dedicated her life to transforming the sport and empowering female athletes. Her relentless determination and visionary leadership not only brought success on the court but also challenged societal norms. O’Neal’s impact extended beyond her coaching career, as she served in various national leadership positions and received numerous accolades for her exceptional contributions to women’s athletics. Her induction into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame solidified her status as a true pioneer in the sport.

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Shane Gould

Shane Gould, the Australian former competition swimmer, made history at the 1972 Summer Olympics by winning three gold medals, a silver medal, and a bronze. Her remarkable talent and dedication to the sport earned her multiple accolades, including being named Australian of the Year in 1972. Despite taking a break from competitive swimming, Gould’s passion for the sport remained strong, inspiring a new generation of swimmers. She made a surprising comeback in 2018, winning the fifth season of Australian Survivor and becoming the oldest winner in the show’s history.

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Liza Burgess

Liza ‘Bird’ Burgess, a former Welsh women’s rugby union player, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her exceptional skills on the field, unwavering dedication, and leadership have inspired generations of female rugby players. She has not only excelled as a player but also made significant contributions as a coach and advocate for gender equality in rugby administration. Her remarkable achievements have earned her a place in the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

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Amandine Henry

Amandine Chantal Henry, born on September 28, 1989, in Lille, France, is a renowned French professional footballer who has made a significant impact on women’s soccer both nationally and internationally. She currently plays as a defensive midfielder for Angel City FC in the American National Women’s Soccer League and represents the France national team. Henry’s remarkable skills and leadership qualities have left an indelible mark on women’s soccer and her impact on the sport’s history cannot be overstated.

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Inna Osypenko-Radomska

Inna Volodymyrivna Osypenko-Radomska is a Ukrainian-Azerbaijani sprint kayaker who achieved great success in her career. She won multiple Olympic medals, including a gold in 2008, and represented both Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Osypenko-Radomska’s remarkable talent and dedication to her sport have made her a role model for aspiring athletes.

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Suzanne Al Houby

Suzanne Al Houby, a Palestinian mountain climber, is widely recognized as a pioneer in the world of mountaineering. Born and raised in Jaffa, Palestine, Suzanne’s love for adventure and exploration led her to become the first Arab woman to conquer Mount Everest on May 21, 2011. This remarkable achievement not only solidified her place in mountaineering history but also paved the way for other Arab women to pursue their dreams of conquering the world’s highest peaks.

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Conchi Ríos

Conchi Ríos, a renowned Spanish bullfighter, discovered her passion for bullfighting at the young age of 14. She became the first woman to cut off two ears of the same bull, showcasing her exceptional skill and fearless determination. Ríos’s dedication to her craft, groundbreaking achievements, and commitment to gender equality have made her a true icon of women’s history.

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Mata Hari

Mata Hari, born Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod, was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who gained fame as a spy for Germany during World War I. Despite her captivating performances and scandalous relationships, she was ultimately convicted and executed. Mata Hari’s life and tragic fate have left a lasting legacy as the original femme fatale.

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United StatesVolleyball

Misty May-Treanor

Misty May-Treanor, a retired American professional beach volleyball player, is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and the most successful female beach volleyball player of all time. She won 112 tournaments in domestic and international competition and formed one of the most dominant partnerships in the sport with Kerri Walsh Jennings. May-Treanor’s contributions to beach volleyball have earned her a place in the Volleyball Hall of Fame and continue to inspire athletes worldwide.

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ColombiaWeight Lifting

Yenny Álvarez

Yenny Álvarez Caicedo, born on May 24, 1995, in Colombia, is a renowned weightlifter who has made a significant impact on the sport both nationally and internationally. With her dedication, strength, and skill, she has become a role model for aspiring athletes around the world. She won the gold medal in the women’s 59 kg event at the 2022 World Weightlifting Championships, solidifying her position as one of the top athletes in her category. Álvarez’s success and resilience have left an indelible mark on women’s history and have paved the way for future generations of female athletes.

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South KoreaTable Tennis

Hyun Jung-hwa

Hyun Jung-hwa, a retired table tennis player, made a significant impact on the sport throughout her career. With her skillful playing style and unwavering determination, she achieved remarkable success at the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics. Hyun’s achievements in table tennis, both nationally and internationally, solidified her position as one of South Korea’s most influential players. Her powerful and precise playing style, along with her dedication and perseverance, continues to inspire aspiring athletes worldwide.

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GermanyTongaUnited States

Lei’D Tapa

Seini Draughn, known as Lei’D Tapa, is a German-born Tongan American professional wrestler, model, mixed martial artist, and former women’s American football player. She gained fame for her time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring name Lei’D Tapa. Her dominance in various sports, including jousting and volleyball, along with her aggression in professional wrestling, challenges gender stereotypes and inspires others to pursue their passions.

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Hideko Maehata

Hideko Maehata was a Japanese breaststroke swimmer and the first Japanese woman to win a gold medal in the Olympics. She displayed promise as a swimmer from a young age and set a youth record for the 50-meter breaststroke at a young age. Despite losing her parents, Hideko’s talent was recognized, and she went on to win the silver medal at the 1932 Summer Olympics. Motivated by a challenge from the Tokyo mayor, she trained intensely and set a world record for the 200-meter breaststroke. Hideko went on to win the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Her achievements were celebrated, and she was awarded the Purple Ribbon of Merit and inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, leaving an enduring legacy in Japanese swimming and women’s history.

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Ingrid Kramer

Ingrid Gulbin (née Krämer then Engel-Krämer, born 29 July 1943) is a diver from East Germany, and a multiple Olympic champion who won Olympic gold medals in both springboard and platform diving. She was recognized as the first non-American woman in forty years to win an Olympic diving gold medal. Her remarkable talent and undeniable dedication led her to receive numerous accolades, including being elected sportspersonality of the year in East Germany from 1960 to 1964.

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Trude Jochum-Beiser

Trude Jochum-Beiser, born on 2 September 1927 in Lech am Arlberg, was a renowned Austrian alpine skier. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, she emerged as one of the most talented female ski racers in the world. Celebrated for her exceptional skills on the slopes, Jochum-Beiser achieved remarkable success throughout her career, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

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United KingdomSailing

Ellen MacArthur

Dame Ellen MacArthur, born in 1976 in Whatstandwell, Derbyshire, developed a deep passion for sailing at a young age. Overcoming financial challenges, she pursued her dreams and went on to break the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe. Her achievements and contributions have made her a role model for many, inspiring them with her determination, resilience, and commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

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Caren Metschuck

Caren Metschuck (later Caren Mahn, born 27 September 1963) is a German former swimmer and a multiple Olympic gold medalist. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest female swimmers of her time and is remembered for her exceptional achievements in the sport.

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UzbekistanHigh JumperTrack & Field

Svetlana Radzivil

Svetlana Mikhaylovna Radzivil, born on January 17, 1987, in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, is a renowned Uzbekistani high jumper and one of Asia’s top female high jumpers. With numerous accolades and a personal best jump of 1.97 meters, Radzivil has become a symbol of excellence in her sport. She has also made a positive impact off the field, as shown by her election to the Tashkent City Kengash of People’s Deputies in 2019.

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FranceMartial Artist

Brigitte Deydier

Brigitte Deydier, born on November 12, 1958, in Meknes, Morocco, is a renowned French judoka who has left an indelible mark on the world of women’s judo.

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Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko

Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko, born in 1920 in Polotsk, Belarus, grew up in a rural setting with a humble upbringing. Motivated by a strong determination to contribute to the war effort, she joined the Red Army during World War II and worked as a medic in the 849th Rifle Regiment. Despite sustaining serious injuries and enduring a brutal attack, Tusnolobova-Marchenko’s resilience and unwavering commitment earned her the esteemed title of Hero of the Soviet Union and further recognition for her exceptional devotion and service in the field of nursing. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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United StatesBasketball

Lynette Woodard

Lynette Woodard, born in Wichita, Kansas in 1959, is considered one of the greatest female basketball players of all time. Throughout her career, Woodard achieved numerous milestones and shattered barriers, including becoming the first woman to join the Harlem Globetrotters. Her dedication and talent continue to inspire aspiring athletes around the world.

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Great BritainMartial Artist

Jane Bridge

Jane Bridge, a renowned British judoka, had a profound impact on women’s judo. Her dedication and determination led her to become one of the most successful athletes in the history of British judo and the first British woman to win a world judo championship. Bridge’s exceptional skills and consistent success have left an indelible mark on the sport, inspiring generations of young judokas.

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Petra Schneider

“Petra Schneider, born in 1963 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), was a prominent medley and freestyle swimmer from East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. Despite her undeniable talent and extraordinary achievements, Schneider’s career is overshadowed by the state-run systematic doping program that plagued East Germany’s sports scene. In 1980, she won an Olympic gold medal in the 400 m individual medley at the Summer Olympics in Moscow, setting her mark in history. Schneider’s legacy remains complicated due to her later admitting to having been doped with performance-enhancing drugs [2]. In 2005, she even called for her last remaining record, the German national record in the 400 m individual medley, to be removed from the books, acknowledging that it was achieved with the aid of steroids [3].”

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Nikki Bart

Nikki Bart, a renowned Australian mountain climber and medical doctor, made history by becoming the first mother-daughter duo to conquer Mount Everest. She also successfully completed the Seven Summits challenge. Nikki’s achievements in mountaineering parallel her dedication to medicine, where she specializes in cardiology. Her passion for exploration and pursuit of new challenges continue as she aspires to complete the Explorers Grand Slam challenge. Nikki Bart’s remarkable accomplishments and unwavering pursuit of excellence make her an inspiring figure in society.

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FijiDiscus ThrowerJavelin

Mereoni Vibose

Mereoni Vibose (26 April 1951 – 27 January 2018) was a Fijian female track and field athlete who excelled in the discus throw and javelin throw. Her remarkable career included setting national records and representing Fiji at international events such as the South Pacific Games and the World Championships in Athletics. She was inducted into the Fiji Sports Hall of Fame in 1998, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of athletics.

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United StatesSwimmerWriter

Lynne Cox

Lynne Cox is an American long-distance open-water swimmer, writer, and speaker. Born on January 2, 1957, she has made remarkable achievements throughout her career that have not only pushed the boundaries of human endurance but also had a significant impact on international relations.

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Satoko Tanaka

Satoko Tanaka, a retired Japanese backstroke swimmer, overcame childhood bronchitis and beriberi to become one of the world’s greatest 200-meter backstrokers of her time. She set multiple world records and captured numerous national titles, showcasing her dominance in the backstroke discipline. Tanaka’s dedication to the sport and her desire to help others overcome challenges have left a lasting impact on the swimming community. In recognition of her achievements, she was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1991.

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United KingdomSwimmer

Lucy Morton

Lucy Morton, later known as Lucy Heaton, was an English competition swimmer who made a significant impact on the sport during the early 20th century. Born on 23 February 1898 in New Tatton, Cheshire, Lucy’s father Alfred worked as a groom in domestic service. The family eventually relocated to Blackpool, where Lucy would begin her remarkable journey as a swimmer.

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Anette Norberg

Anette Norberg, born in 1966 in Härnösand, Sweden, is a retired Swedish curler who is considered one of the greatest female curlers in history. With numerous Olympic, World, and European titles to her name, her contributions to the sport have been remarkable. Norberg’s skill, leadership, and determination have inspired generations of curlers, particularly women, to strive for greatness and believe in their abilities. Her legacy extends far beyond the sport, leaving a lasting impact on society and paving the way for future generations of female athletes.

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United StatesVolleyball

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Kerri Walsh Jennings, born in 1978 in Santa Clara, California, is an American professional beach volleyball player who has become a legend in the sport. With numerous awards and achievements, she is considered one of the greatest players in the history of beach volleyball. Her talent, dedication, and impact on women’s sports have made her an inspiration to athletes around the world.

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