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Nisha Ayub

Nisha Ayub is a Malaysian transgender rights activist who has dedicated her life to advancing transgender rights in her country and beyond. Despite facing discrimination and legal challenges, Ayub has been a tireless advocate for the rights and well-being of transgender individuals in Malaysia. Her activism has earned her international recognition and she continues to inspire others to fight for justice and equality.

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Mazlan Othman

Emerita Professor Tan Sri Dr. Mazlan binti Othman is a Malaysian astrophysicist who pioneered her country’s participation in space exploration. She was the first astrophysicist in Malaysia and contributed significantly to the field of astrophysics. Her work in creating a curriculum in astrophysics at the national university and promoting public awareness of astronomy and space issues has been instrumental in advancing Malaysia’s space program.

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Shalin Zulkifli

Shalin Zulkifli, born in London in 1978, is a highly accomplished Malaysian professional ten-pin bowler. She made history as the first female champion of the World Tenpin Masters event in 2001 and was inducted into the International Bowling Hall of Fame in 2004. Zulkifli’s exceptional skills have earned her numerous awards and accolades, establishing her as one of the most prominent figures in professional bowling in Malaysia and Asia.

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