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Stunt Performer

United StatesStunt Performer

Mamie Francis Hafley

Mamie Francis Hafley, also known as Elba Mae Ghent, was a renowned performer in Wild West shows and rodeos from 1901 to 1940. She was famous for her fearless horse-diving act, sharpshooting while riding a galloping horse, and captivating horse-riding acts. Mamie Francis Hafley left a lasting impact on the history of entertainment with her thrilling performances.

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ItalyStunt Performer

Maria Spelterini

Maria Spelterini, an Italian tightrope walker, became famous for her daring feats and remarkable performances. From crossing the treacherous Niagara Gorge to tightrope walking blindfolded and manacled, Spelterini captivated audiences with her courage and skill. Her legacy as one of the most audacious and awe-inspiring female performers in history lives on.

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CanadaStunt Performer

Jolene Van Vugt

Jolene Van Vugt, born on September 17, 1980, is a Canadian motocross rider who has left an indelible mark on the sport with her incredible achievements and fearless spirit. She has shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for women in motocross, showcasing her immense talent and determination. She is the first-ever CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion, proving that gender is no barrier when it comes to excelling in a male-dominated field.

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United StatesStunt Performer

Lulu Bell Parr

Lulu Bell Parr (1876-1955) was a remarkable Wild West performer known for her incredible talents in sharpshooting, trick riding, bronc riding, and buffalo riding. Throughout her career, she gained the well-deserved title of the “Champion Lady Bucking Horse Rider of the World.” Lulu’s exceptional skills, courage, and dedication to her craft left a lasting impact on the world of entertainment and women’s history.

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SwedenUnited StatesStunt Performer

Olga Celeste

Olga Celeste was a renowned animal trainer who specialized in leopards and pumas for circus performances, vaudeville shows, and films. Born in Sweden, she ran away to join a Swedish circus at the age of 11, showcasing her adventurous spirit and determination. She made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and remains a notable figure in the history of animal training.

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IndiaStunt Performer

Reshma Pathan

Reshma Pathan, the Sholay Girl, is an Indian actress and the first stuntwoman in the Indian film industry. She has fearlessly performed dangerous stunts in almost 400 films, becoming the trusted stunt double for iconic leading ladies of Bollywood. Reshma’s remarkable achievements have inspired aspiring stuntwomen and her name has become synonymous with bravery and breaking barriers.

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United StatesGymnastPole Vaulter

Jessie Graff

Jessie Graff, an exceptional American professional stuntwoman and television personality, has established herself as a remarkable figure through her outstanding achievements in various disciplines. From martial arts to gymnastics and pole vaulting, Graff’s unique talents and unwavering determination have propelled her to become a trailblazer in the world of obstacle course shows, notably American Ninja Warrior.

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Great BritainArtistEducator

Lady Emma Herbert

Lady Emma Louise Vickers is a remarkable British circus trapeze artist, stuntwoman, and teacher of circus arts. Born into a prestigious family, Lady Emma’s rebellious spirit led her to pursue a unique and eccentric lifestyle. With her fearless and adventurous nature, she became known as one of Britain’s leading exponents in modern circus. Lady Emma’s dedication to her craft has inspired countless individuals to embrace their own unique talents and passions.

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United StatesActorStunt Performer

Peggy O’Day

Peggy O’Day, born Genevieve Berte, had a significant impact on the film industry during the 1920s and 1930s. From her comedic performances as a Christie bathing beauty to her daring stunts in Western films, Peggy O’Day became a prominent figure in the industry. Despite an accident that forced her to retire from acting, she successfully transitioned to film editing, leaving behind a lasting legacy of resilience and trailblazing in the male-dominated film industry of her time.

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United StatesRodeoStunt Performer

Helen Gibson

Helen Gibson, born Rose August Wenger, was a trailblazing American film actress, trick rider, and rodeo performer. Her passion for the Wild West show led her to become the first American professional stuntwoman. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Helen’s determination and fearlessness propelled her to success, making her an influential figure in Hollywood and paving the way for future generations of women in the film industry.

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SwedenMatadoraStunt Performer

Agnes von Rosen

Agnes von Rosen, a Swedish aristocrat, bullfighter, and stunt performer, defied societal norms throughout her life. Born into a family with strong ties to the Swedish Royal Family, her rebellious spirit and insatiable curiosity led her to pursue a career in bullfighting. She fearlessly entered the bullring, captivating audiences with her grace, courage, and artistry. Von Rosen also ventured into the world of stunt performance, leaving audiences in awe of her daring spirit. Her pioneering contributions and unwavering determination continue to inspire, even after her passing in 2001.

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United StatesBoxerStunt Performer

Bridgett Riley

Bridgett Riley, a remarkable female boxer and stuntwoman, embarked on her journey in combat sports after being inspired by her brother’s interest in mixed martial arts. With intense training sessions alongside esteemed martial artists, she went on to hold the IFBA’s world Bantamweight championship, etching her name in the history books of women’s boxing. Her resilience and passion for the sport always shone through as she faced numerous challenges and fought against formidable opponents.

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DenmarkActorStunt Performer

Emilie Sannom

Emilie Kirstine Valborg Sannom, born in 1886 in Copenhagen, Denmark, became a trailblazer in Danish cinema with her daring stunts. Her role as Ophelia in the 1911 film “Hamlet” made her the first stuntwoman in the country. Despite her success on the silver screen, Emilie’s true passion was aviation. Sadly, her life was tragically cut short during an air show in 1931, but her fearless nature and groundbreaking accomplishments continue to inspire to this day.

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United StatesStunt Performer

Betty Danko

Bertha “Betty” Danko was an American stuntwoman and stunt double, born on September 19, 1903, in Newark, New Jersey. Throughout her career, Danko had the privilege of doubling for numerous leading actresses of the 1930s and 1940s. Betty Danko’s most famous role was as the stunt double for Margaret Hamilton, who portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in the iconic 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. Despite facing significant injuries throughout her career, Danko left an indelible mark on the world of stunt doubling and women’s history within the film industry.

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