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Caster Semenya

Mokgadi Caster Semenya OIB is a South African middle-distance runner who has achieved great success in women’s athletics, winning two Olympic gold medals and three World Championships in the 800 meters event. Despite facing challenges and scrutiny, Semenya has become a symbol of resilience and courage, sparking conversations about inclusivity and the rights of athletes. Her impact on women’s athletics and society is significant.

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Alissa Wykes

Alissa Wykes, a former American football running back, made her mark on the sports world as both an accomplished athlete and a trailblazer. After honing her skills on the softball field, Wykes joined the Philadelphia Liberty Belles and quickly became known for her exceptional talents as a running back. Her impact extended beyond sports when she courageously came out as gay, sparking important conversations and paving the way for LGBTQ+ athletes. Through her determination and advocacy, Wykes challenged societal norms and helped create a more inclusive sports community.

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Ida Nilsson

Ida Nilsson, a Swedish long-distance runner and ski mountaineer, has made a name for herself in the world of endurance sports. With her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication, Nilsson has overcome various challenges to become one of the most accomplished athletes in her field. From her early success as a member of a sports-loving family to her triumphant comeback after a series of injuries, Nilsson’s resilience and perseverance have solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in women’s history.

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Emelie Forsberg

Emelie Tina Forsberg, born in 1986 in Noraström, Sweden, is a highly acclaimed Swedish athlete specializing in trail running and ski mountaineering. Renowned for her incredible strength, endurance, and downhill running, Forsberg has achieved numerous victories in various competitions, including European and World Championships. Her infectious passion for sports and love of life, which she shares daily on social media, has inspired people around the globe. With her unwavering determination and ever-present smile, Forsberg continues to overcome challenges and pave the way for women in sports.

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Françoise Dürr

Françoise Dürr, born in Algiers, French Algeria, was a notable French tennis player known for her unconventional playing style and unorthodox shots. She won a total of 50 singles titles and over 60 doubles titles throughout her career, making a significant impact in the world of tennis.

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Samia Yusuf Omar

Samia Yusuf Omar, a remarkable sprinter from Somalia, overcame numerous obstacles to pursue her athletic dreams. Born in Mogadishu in 1991, she faced harassment and threats from local militia groups who opposed Muslim women participating in sports. Despite the ongoing conflict and dangers, Omar remained resolute in her training, eventually earning a spot in the 200 meters at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Tragically, she lost her life in 2012 while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life. Her story is one of tremendous bravery and resilience in the face of adversity.

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South AfricaRunner

Anrune Weyers

Anrune Weyers, a para-athlete born in South Africa in 1992, has overcome a congenital defect in her left arm to become a prominent figure in the world of athletics. Her remarkable talent and determination have led her to secure numerous medals, including gold at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. Weyers’ consistent excellence and ability to rise above challenges have cemented her legacy as a true champion.

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Great BritainRunner

Sally Gunnell

Sally Gunnell OBE DL was a British athlete born on 29 July 1966 in Chigwell, Essex, England. She rose to prominence in athletics, particularly in hurdles, winning numerous gold medals in international competitions. Gunnell’s legacy extends beyond her individual achievements, as she became a role model for aspiring female athletes and helped pave the way for future generations in women’s athletics. Her dedication, perseverance, and talent have solidified her position as one of the greatest British female athletes of all time.

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ScotlandRunnerTrack & Field

Lee McConnell

Lee McConnell is a retired Scottish athlete who excelled in multiple track and field events, including the 400 meters and 400 meters hurdles. She represented Great Britain in three Olympics and is considered one of Scotland’s most accomplished athletes. McConnell’s remarkable career is characterized by numerous medals, impressive performances, and recognition as Scottish Athlete of the Year on multiple occasions. Her versatility, determination, and contributions to team events have solidified her legacy as a pioneer in Scottish athletics.

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Lowri Morgan

Lowri Morgan is a prominent Welsh television presenter, adventurer, and ultra-marathon runner. She found success as a presenter, notably hosting S4C’s coverage of the World Rally Championship and the BBC’s flagship rugby show, Scrum V. Her determination and passion in pursuing ultra-marathons, like the Amazon Marathon and the 6633 Arctic Marathon, have established her as a respected figure in the world of extreme endurance running. Morgan’s significant contributions and accomplishments make her an influential figure in both the realms of television and women’s history.

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Great BritainMarathon RunnerRunner

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Jane Radcliffe MBE (born 17 December 1973) is a former British long-distance runner. She is widely considered one of the greatest marathon runners of all time and has left an indelible mark on the sport. Radcliffe’s dedication, resilience, and record-breaking performances have made her an icon in the running world.

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Dale Greig

Dale Greig (15 May 1937 – 12 May 2019) was a Scottish cross country champion and pioneering long-distance runner. She made significant contributions to the world of women’s running and became a trailblazer for future generations of female athletes.

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Shaunae Miller-Uibo

Shaunae Miller-Uibo, born in 1994 in Nassau, Bahamas, is a Bahamian track and field sprinter who has made her mark as one of the world’s top athletes. From a young age, Shaunae showed great potential and went on to achieve numerous accolades in her career, including two Olympic gold medals and multiple medals at the World Athletics Championships. Her remarkable achievements have solidified her place in the history of women’s athletics, inspiring future generations.

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Great BritainScotlandRunner

Libby Clegg

Libby Clegg, a Scottish Paralympic sprinter and tandem track cyclist, has overcome her deteriorating eye condition to achieve remarkable success in the world of athletics. Her perseverance and extraordinary achievements have made her an inspiration and symbol of resilience for many.

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United StatesRunner

Amy Palmiero-Winters

Amy Palmiero-Winters is a below-knee amputee who holds eleven world records in various running events. She overcame a devastating motorcycle accident and refused to let her circumstances define her. Amy’s unwavering spirit led her to remarkable achievements, becoming the first amputee to win an ultramarathon and being included in a United States able-bodied championship team. Her story serves as an inspiration for individuals facing challenges, demonstrating the limitless potential one can achieve.

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United StatesRunner

Bobbi Gibb

Bobbi Gibb, born in 1942 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, grew up in Boston, where her passion for running developed. Despite the lack of specialized running shoes for women, Gibb trained rigorously and set her sights on the Boston Marathon. Facing discrimination and skepticism, she disguised herself as a man and became the first woman to finish the historic race. Her courageous feat broke barriers and inspired future generations of female runners.

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EthiopiaMarathon RunnerRunner

Tiki Gelana

Erba Tiki Gelana, born in 1987 in Jijiga, Ethiopia, is an Ethiopian professional long-distance runner known for her exceptional performances in marathon races. Gelana has left an indelible mark on the sport with her remarkable achievements and impressive records. She won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics, setting a new Olympic record in the process. Her resilience and dedication have made her one of Ethiopia’s greatest athletes and an inspiration for future generations.

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María Lorena Ramírez

María Lorena Ramírez Hernández, an indigenous long-distance runner from the Rarámuri ethnic group in Chihuahua, Mexico, rose to international fame after winning the Cerro Rojo UltraTrail in 2017 barefoot and wearing traditional Rarámuri attire. Her incredible achievements and unwavering dedication have inspired Rarámuri children and earned her recognition as a symbol of strength and resilience.

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NorwayMarathon RunnerRunner

Grete Waitz

Grete Waitz, a Norwegian marathon runner, was a trailblazer in women’s long-distance running. She shattered barriers by becoming the first woman to complete a marathon in under two and a half hours. With numerous world records and victories in marathons and cross-country championships, Waitz’s legacy as a pioneer and champion continues to inspire female athletes today.

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Tegla Loroupe

Tegla Chepkite Loroupe, born in 1979, is a Kenyan long-distance track and road runner. She is celebrated for her athletic achievements and dedication to promoting peace, women’s rights, and education. Loroupe has made a significant impact in the world of distance running, breaking world records and paving the way for African women in the sport.

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Stamata Revithi

Stamata Revithi (1866 – after 1896) was a Greek woman who defied societal norms by running the 40-kilometre marathon at the 1896 Summer Olympics. Despite the exclusion of women from competition, her determination and perseverance became an inspiration for generations. Living in poverty and facing personal tragedy, Revithi embarked on a challenging journey to Athens to participate in the marathon. She completed the race in approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes, but was denied entry into the Panathinaiko Stadium. Her bold decision to run made her an important figure in women’s history.

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