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Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd was a Welsh princess and the Princess Consort of Deheubarth in Wales. Known for her fierce determination, she played a significant role in the Great Revolt of 1136, leading her own troops into battle against Norman invaders. Sadly, her rebellion ultimately led to her tragic death, but her legacy as a symbol of resistance in Welsh history inspired others to continue the fight for independence.

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Kate Williams Evans

Kate Williams Evans (1 October 1866 – 2 February 1961) was a Welsh suffragette, activist, and campaigner for women’s rights. Her hunger strike, imprisonment, and commitment to the cause serve as a testament to her determination and dedication to achieving gender equality.

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Tanni Grey-Thompson

Tanni Grey-Thompson, born in 1969, is a Welsh life peeress, television presenter, and former wheelchair racer. With an illustrious career in Paralympic athletics, Grey-Thompson earned an astonishing 16 Paralympic medals and set an impressive 30 world records. Beyond the track, she broke barriers as a television presenter and dedicated herself to empowering disabled individuals and supporting charitable causes. Her impact and influence have made her an iconic figure in women’s history and a true legend of Paralympic sport.

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Karen Holford

Karen Margaret Holford is a Welsh engineer and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. She has made significant contributions to the field of engineering throughout her career, with a focus on damage assessment inspections using acoustic emission. Holford has also been actively involved outside of academia, serving as a faculty advisor for Cardiff University’s Formula Student team and assuming roles in various organizations. She has received prestigious awards for her work, including being named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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Liza Burgess

Liza ‘Bird’ Burgess, a former Welsh women’s rugby union player, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her exceptional skills on the field, unwavering dedication, and leadership have inspired generations of female rugby players. She has not only excelled as a player but also made significant contributions as a coach and advocate for gender equality in rugby administration. Her remarkable achievements have earned her a place in the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

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Lowri Morgan

Lowri Morgan is a prominent Welsh television presenter, adventurer, and ultra-marathon runner. She found success as a presenter, notably hosting S4C’s coverage of the World Rally Championship and the BBC’s flagship rugby show, Scrum V. Her determination and passion in pursuing ultra-marathons, like the Amazon Marathon and the 6633 Arctic Marathon, have established her as a respected figure in the world of extreme endurance running. Morgan’s significant contributions and accomplishments make her an influential figure in both the realms of television and women’s history.

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