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Safiye Ali

Safiye Ali, the second female doctor in the Republic of Turkey, dedicated her life to the medical field. She treated soldiers during war, overcame obstacles to earn her medical degree, and opened her own practice. Her impact extended beyond medicine as she became the first female lecturer and conducted important research on women’s health in Turkey. Safiye Ali’s pioneering spirit and commitment to improving healthcare cemented her place in history.

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TurkeyWeight Lifting

Sibel Özkan

Sibel Özkan, a Turkish weightlifter, has overcome numerous challenges to become a prominent figure in the sport. From living in orphanages to achieving success on the international stage, Özkan’s story is an inspiration to aspiring athletes, particularly women. Her determination and resilience have allowed her to achieve remarkable feats in weightlifting and serve as a reminder of the importance of fair competition.

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GermanyTurkeyComputer Scientist

Marianne Laqueur

Marianne Laqueur, a German Jewish refugee to Turkey, was a pioneering computer scientist and local politician. Forced to emigrate due to Nazi persecution, she settled in Ankara and became part of the Haymatloz community. Laqueur had a distinguished career in computer science, working for companies like IBM and NCR, and later dedicated herself to local politics, serving on the Wiesbaden city council.

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Nefise Akçelik

Nefise Akçelik was a Turkish civil engineer who revolutionized tunnel construction. She broke barriers as the only female student in her department and went on to become a technical chief at the General Directorate of Highways. Akçelik’s expertise and dedication paved the way for numerous successful tunnel projects in Turkey. She also actively supported women engineers and left a lasting legacy before her untimely passing in 2003.

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Muazzez İlmiye Çığ

Muazzez İlmiye Çığ (born 20 June 1914) is a Turkish archaeologist and Assyriologist who specializes in the study of Sumerian civilization. Born in Bursa, Turkey, Çığ has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of ancient Mesopotamia and shedding light on the fascinating world of Sumer. Her groundbreaking research and unyielding passion for her field have made her one of the most influential female historians of our time.

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Sebahat Tuncel

Sebahat Tuncel, a Turkish politician and women’s rights advocate, made history by becoming a member of parliament while being in prison. Despite facing challenges and imprisonment, Tuncel has shown strong commitment to advocating for women’s rights, Kurdish rights, and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Her determination and dedication to justice and equality are inspiring.

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Leyla Zana

Leyla Zana (born 3 May 1961) is a Turkish politician known for her unwavering dedication to human rights and her advocacy for the Kurdish people in Turkey. Her relentless pursuit of justice and equality has made her a symbol of resistance and resilience.

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Nezihe Muhiddin

Nezihe Muhiddin Tepedelengil was a Turkish women’s rights activist, suffragette, journalist, writer, and political leader. She played a major role in the women’s movement in the 20th century Ottoman Empire, advocating for women’s political rights. Through her activism, she founded the Women’s People’s Party and the Turkish Women’s Union, leaving a lasting impact on women’s rights in Turkey.

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Halide Edib Adıvar

Halide Edib Adıvar, a prominent Turkish novelist, teacher, and feminist intellectual, was born on June 11, 1884, in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. She received a diverse education, wrote influential articles, and fought for women’s rights. Her novels addressed social issues and supported the Turanism movement. Her translation of Jacob Abbott’s book, “Mother,” earned her the Order of Charity.

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Leman Altınçekiç

Leman Bozkurt Altınçekiç (1932–2001) was a pioneering figure and a trailblazer in the field of aviation. She holds the distinction of being the first female accredited jet pilot in the Turkish Air Force and NATO. Her journey as a pilot and her contributions to the military not only shattered gender barriers but also inspired generations of women to pursue their dreams.

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Sabiha Gökçen

Sabiha Gökçen, the first female fighter pilot in the world, defied gender norms and achieved remarkable success in the field of aviation. From her adoption by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to her groundbreaking achievements as a pilot, Sabiha’s journey is one of inspiration and influence. Her legacy as a symbol of empowerment and resilience continues to inspire future generations.

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Zehra Doğan

Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish artist, journalist, and author who gained international recognition for her courageous activism and use of art to shed light on the struggles of the Kurdish people. Despite facing government oppression, she founded Jinha, a feminist Kurdish news agency, and reported on the intense clashes in Nusaybin. Her art, including a painting depicting the destruction of Nusaybin, became a powerful medium for raising awareness. Despite imprisonment, she continued to defy suppression, and her resilience has made her a remarkable artist and activist in women’s history.

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Artemisia I of Caria

Artemisia I of Caria was a queen of Halicarnassus and the nearby islands of Kos, Nisyros, and Kalymnos around 480 BC. She fought alongside Xerxes I in the second Persian invasion of Greece, commanding a fleet of five ships. Artemisia displayed exceptional leadership skills and offered strategic advice during the Battle of Salamis. She ruled as queen after her husband’s death and left a lasting impact through her bravery and influence as a military leader.

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Nüzhet Gökdoğan

Hatice Nüzhet Gökdoğan, born on August 14, 1910, in Istanbul, Turkey, was a remarkable figure in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, and academia. From her early years, Gökdoğan displayed an exceptional aptitude for mathematics and a keen interest in astronomy. She pursued these passions with determination, eventually establishing herself as a trailblazer for women in her field.

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Şerife Bacı

Şerife Bacı was a Turkish folk heroine who sacrificed her life during the Turkish War of Independence. Her contributions and bravery led to her being hailed as a symbol of courage and sacrifice. Despite facing personal tragedies, she remained dedicated to serving her community and played a vital role in the transport of ammunition during the Greco-Turkish War. Her legacy is commemorated through various monuments and institutions named in her honor.

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Gizem Girişmen

Gizem Girişmen, a Turkish Paralympic archer, overcame adversity at a young age to become an exceptional athlete. After tragically becoming paralyzed at the age of eleven, Girişmen displayed resilience and determination. She discovered her passion for archery in 2004 and went on to achieve remarkable success in the sport, winning numerous international competitions. Girişmen’s crowning achievement came in 2008 when she won a gold medal at the Summer Paralympics in Beijing, solidifying her reputation as one of the world’s top archers. Her remarkable journey continues to inspire and leave a lasting impact on the world of archery.

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Halet Çambel

Halet Çambel was a Turkish archaeologist and Olympic fencer. She was the first woman with a Muslim background to compete in the Olympic Games. Çambel’s life was marked by her passion for archaeology, her groundbreaking achievements in fencing, and her dedication to preserving Turkey’s cultural heritage.

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TurkeyWeight Lifting

Şaziye Erdoğan

Şaziye Erdoğan-Okur, a prominent Turkish weightlifter, has defied the odds to become a world-record holder and a respected figure in the weightlifting community. Born into a modest family in Ankara, she showcased immense talent at an early age and shattered multiple records. Despite facing a setback in 2013, Şaziye made a triumphant comeback and continues to achieve remarkable success, inspiring others to pursue their passions and break barriers.

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Despina Storch

Despina Storch, a woman of mystery, was known by many names and traveled to various capitals around the world. Suspected of being a spy, her alleged activities caught up with her when she was arrested in New York in 1918. Despina Storch, the “Turkish Delight,” had become a subject of intrigue and fascination.

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