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Sofia Danova

Sofia Danova (née Simeonova; 1879–1946) was a Bulgarian philanthropist, educator, and publisher. She was the first Bulgarian woman to graduate in mathematics. Sofia’s commitment to education and her tireless efforts to uplift the underprivileged left a lasting impact on Bulgarian society. Her dedication to philanthropy and the empowerment of girls laid a strong foundation for the advancement of women’s rights and opportunities in Bulgaria.

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Rumyana Neykova

Rumyana Neykova, born in 1973, is a Bulgarian rower who has achieved great success in her sport. From winning world junior champion titles to claiming Olympic medals, Neykova’s dedication and talent have made her one of Bulgaria’s most successful athletes. Her remarkable achievements have inspired many and solidified her status as a trailblazer in women’s rowing history.

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Eugenia Kisimova

Eugenia Kisimova (1831–1885) was a Bulgarian feminist and women’s rights activist who founded the first women’s organization in Bulgaria, Женска община, in 1869. She dedicated her life to empowering women and promoting equal educational opportunities, establishing schools for girls and offering scholarships for higher education abroad. Kisimova’s commitment to philanthropy and her tireless advocacy for women’s rights left a lasting impact on Bulgarian society.

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Ivanka Koleva

Ivanka Koleva is a Paralympian track and field athlete from Bulgaria known for her remarkable achievements in throwing events. With numerous accolades and a career spanning over two decades, Koleva has become a role model for aspiring athletes. Her determination and talent have not only made her a successful athlete but also a groundbreaking figure in women’s sports history.

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Julia Malinova

Julia Malinova, née Jakovlevna Scheider (1869-1953), was a Bulgarian suffragist and women’s rights activist. She played a crucial role in advancing the rights and status of women in Bulgaria during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a co-founder and two-time chairperson of the Bulgarian Women’s Union, Malinova tirelessly fought for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

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Vanya Voynova

Vanya Voynova, a legendary Bulgarian basketball player, left an indelible mark on the sport. Her exceptional skills, remarkable achievements, and unwavering dedication made her a trailblazer in women’s basketball. She led Slavia Sofia to numerous victories and helped Bulgaria achieve remarkable triumphs in international competitions. Voynova’s legacy as a true basketball icon will forever be remembered and celebrated.

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Daisy Lang

Daisy Lang, born in 1972, is a former professional boxer and the first Bulgarian woman to capture a world title in boxing. She held the WIBF super-flyweight, bantamweight, and super-bantamweight titles from 1999 to 2004. Lang’s skill, resilience, and dedication made her a respected figure in women’s boxing and a source of inspiration for future generations.

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Boyanka Kostova

Boyanka Kostova, a Bulgarian-born naturalized Azerbaijani weightlifter, rose to prominence in the international weightlifting stage with her exceptional skills and determination. Despite facing challenges and controversies, she showcased resilience and a commitment to fair play. Her journey serves as a cautionary tale and a testament to the power of perseverance in the world of sports.

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