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Anita Figueredo

Anita V. Figueredo was an American surgeon and philanthropist, known for being the first woman medical doctor from Costa Rica and the first woman surgeon in San Diego. She dedicated her life to breaking gender barriers in medicine and made significant contributions to the field of surgical oncology. Figueredo’s philanthropic efforts, including co-founding Friends of the Poor and supporting the San Diego Women’s Bank, showcased her commitment to serving underserved communities. Her inspiring legacy continues to impact generations.

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Costa RicaUnited StatesEngineer

Sandra Cauffman

Sandra Cauffman, a Costa Rican-American specialist in electrical engineering and physics, has made significant contributions to the field of space science throughout her career. Born on May 10, 1962, in Costa Rica, Cauffman grew up in a one-parent home with limited resources in Hatillo. Despite the challenges she faced, Cauffman never gave up on her passion for space science. Inspired by the first Moon landing, she declared to her mother that she too wanted to explore the mysteries of the universe.

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Hughenna L. Gauntlett

Hughenna Louise Gauntlett, a pioneering American physician, faced various challenges throughout her career, including racial and gender discrimination. Despite these obstacles, Gauntlett became the first Black woman to be certified by the American Board of Surgery in 1968. She left behind a significant legacy in the medical field, inspiring future generations of medical professionals, especially women and individuals from underrepresented communities.

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