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Tahanie Aboushi

Tahanie A. Aboushi, a Palestinian-American civil rights lawyer, made history as a Democratic candidate for Manhattan District Attorney. Her platform focused on advocating for marginalized communities, holding law enforcement accountable, and protecting immigrants. Aboushi’s experiences growing up in Brooklyn and witnessing the struggles faced by marginalized communities fueled her determination to fight for justice and equality. Her notable cases have brought attention to issues such as religious rights and police brutality, and she continues to be a dedicated advocate for the rights of individuals and communities in need.

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Suzanne Al Houby

Suzanne Al Houby, a Palestinian mountain climber, is widely recognized as a pioneer in the world of mountaineering. Born and raised in Jaffa, Palestine, Suzanne’s love for adventure and exploration led her to become the first Arab woman to conquer Mount Everest on May 21, 2011. This remarkable achievement not only solidified her place in mountaineering history but also paved the way for other Arab women to pursue their dreams of conquering the world’s highest peaks.

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Yusra, a Palestinian woman who worked with British archaeologist Dorothy Garrod, played a pivotal role in the excavations at Mount Carmel. Her expertise and meticulous screening skills led to the discovery of Tabun 1, a significant Neanderthal skull. Despite her limited documentation, Yusra’s contributions to archaeology and paving the way for women in the field are undeniable.

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