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Matilde Hidalgo

Matilde Hidalgo de Procel was a remarkable woman who made significant contributions as a physician, poet, and activist. She holds the distinction of being the first woman in Ecuador, and indeed all of Latin America, to exercise her right to vote. Her tireless efforts in the fight for women’s rights have cemented her status as one of the most influential women in Ecuadorian history.

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Manuela Sáenz

Manuela Sáenz de Vergara y Aizpuru was a fearless Ecuadorian revolutionary heroine who played a vital role in South America’s fight for independence. She gathered information, distributed leaflets, and fought for women’s rights, solidifying her enduring legacy as a key figure in the 19th-century revolution. Her unwavering support for Simón Bolívar and her commitment to revolutionary ideals made her an inspiration for future generations of women.

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EcuadorLaw Enforcement

María Fernanda Tamayo

María Fernanda Tamayo Rivera is an Ecuadorian law enforcement official, who made history as the first woman to become the country’s inspector general of police. Born in Shell Mera, Pastaza Province, Ecuador, Maria has always been a trailblazer, defying gender norms and breaking barriers throughout her life.

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Diana Aguavil

Diana Alexandra Aguavil Calazacón, born in 1983, made history in 2018 as the first female governor of the Tsáchila nationality in Ecuador. Her journey to leadership was inspired by a desire to make a difference and address the gender disparities and lack of representation within her community. Diana’s election victory shattered traditional gender roles and served as a symbol of hope and empowerment for women across Ecuador. Her legacy continues to inspire future generations of women to pursue their dreams and engage in public leadership.

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Rosa Zárate y Ontaneda

Rosa Zárate y Ontaneda was an Ecuadorian feminist who played a vital role in the Ecuadorian independence movement during the 19th century. She tirelessly fought for women’s rights and contributed to raising awareness and support for the cause. Unfortunately, her dedication led to tragic consequences as she and her husband were brutally executed by decapitation for their involvement in the independence movement. Rosa Zárate’s legacy lives on in Ecuador, with schools and towns named in her honor.

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Dolores Cacuango

Dolores Cacuango, better known as Mamá Doloreyuk, was a pioneering figure in the fight for indigenous and farmers’ rights in Ecuador. Growing up in a low-income family, she witnessed the disparities between the wealthy landlords and the impoverished peons. Despite never learning to read or write, Dolores became a vocal advocate, mobilizing her community and founding the Indigenous Federation of Ecuador. Her commitment to social justice and feminism makes her an inspiration in women’s history.

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