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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the CongoMathematician

Rebecca Walo Omana

Rebecca Walo Omana is a Congolese mathematician, professor, and reverend sister. She became the first female mathematics professor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1982. Her mathematical interests lie in differential equations, nonlinear analysis, and modeling. Omana’s journey has been characterized by determination, resilience, and breaking societal barriers, inspiring future generations of mathematicians.

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Democratic Republic of the CongoBusinessEngineer

Ngalula Mubenga

Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga, a Congolese engineer and government official, is renowned for her significant contributions to renewable energy and her efforts in promoting electrification initiatives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Her dedication to addressing energy access issues in her home country, as well as her accomplishments in research, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, have made her a leading figure in the field. Her work in sustainable energy and commitment to empowering future generations through STEM education have solidified her as an inspiring figure in women’s history.

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Democratic Republic of the CongoEngineer

Thérèse Kirongozi

Thérèse Izay Kirongozi, a Congolese industrial engineer, gained recognition for her groundbreaking work in designing and implementing traffic robots in Kinshasa. Her robots were deployed in multiple locations and aimed to enforce traffic rules and generate revenue for infrastructure development. Kirongozi’s innovative work has had a significant impact on traffic regulation and enforcement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, breaking through gender barriers and inspiring women worldwide.

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Democratic Republic of the CongoActivist

Julienne Lusenge

Julienne Lusenge is a Congolese human rights activist who has dedicated her life to advocating for the rights of survivors of wartime sexual violence. Through her organizations, she has raised awareness about gender-based violence, provided support to survivors, and worked to bridge the gap between local women’s initiatives and international donors. Lusenge has been recognized for her exceptional work with prestigious awards, cementing her contributions to the human rights field. Her unwavering dedication and remarkable impact make her a true champion for human rights.

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