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Sofia Mulanovich

Sofía Mulánovich Aljovín, born on June 24, 1983, is a Peruvian surfer who has made significant contributions to the world of surfing. She is widely recognized as a 3-time World Surfing Champion, winning one World Surf League (WSL) Championship and two International Surfing Association (ISA) World Championships. Mulánovich’s groundbreaking accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the sport and have paved the way for future generations of surfers.

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Tomasa Tito Condemayta

Tomasa Tito Condemayta Hurtado de Mendoza was a powerful leader and military figure in the indigenous uprising against Spanish colonial rule in 18th century Peru. As cacica of her people, she led her own women’s battalion, mobilizing indigenous women in the fight. Her bravery and contributions to the rebellion make her a notable figure in Peru’s history.

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Gabriela Perez del Solar

Gabriela “Gaby” Lourdes Pérez del Solar Cuculiza, a retired Peruvian volleyball player and politician, achieved great success in both fields. With her exceptional skills, she won numerous medals and awards, including Best Blocker at the 1985 World Cup and Best Receiver at the 1988 Olympics. After her retirement from volleyball, Pérez del Solar transitioned into politics and became a Congresswoman, leaving a lasting legacy in both sports and politics.

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Cecilia Tait

Cecilia Roxana Tait Villacorta, known as “La Zurda del Oro” or “The Golden Left-Handed Woman,” is a renowned Peruvian politician and former volleyball player. She achieved remarkable success in her volleyball career, notably winning a silver medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics, and continued to make an impact in the political sphere, becoming the first Afro-Peruvian elected to Peru’s Congress. Her contributions to both sports and politics have left a lasting legacy.

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María Luisa Aguilar

María Luisa Aguilar Hurtado (1938-2015) was a Peruvian astronomer and the first professional astronomer of Peru. She founded and served as the director of the “Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar,” now known as the “Permanent Astronomy and Space Sciences Seminar” of the National University of San Marcos. Aguilar specialized in astronomical spectroscopy, stellar atmospheres, and variable stars. She contributed significantly to the field of astronomy in Peru, promoting education and outreach programs. Despite her achievements, no awards or recognitions have been listed for her.

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María Jesús Alvarado Rivera

María Jesús Alvarado Rivera was a Peruvian rebel feminist, educator, journalist, writer, and social activist. She was noted by the National Council of Women of Peru in 1969 as the “first modern champion of women’s rights in Peru”. Despite limited formal education opportunities, Alvarado Rivera became an influential figure in promoting vocational education, women’s suffrage, and the inclusion of women in government jobs. Her tireless efforts made a lasting impact on gender equality in Peru.

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