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Nora Astorga

Nora Josefina Astorga Gadea de Jenkins was a prominent figure in the Nicaraguan Revolution, known for her role as a guerrilla fighter, lawyer, politician, judge, and the Nicaraguan ambassador to the United Nations. Born on December 10, 1948, in Managua, Nicaragua, she hailed from a religious, upper-middle-class family. Her father, Segundo Astorga, had ties to the influential ruling Somoza family, as he was a lumber exporter and rancher. Nora was the eldest child of Segundo and his wife, Mierrel Gadea.

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Gioconda Belli

Gioconda Belli, born on December 9, 1948, is a Nicaraguan-born novelist and poet who has made significant contributions to Nicaraguan literature. Throughout her career, Belli has demonstrated her literary prowess, with poetry being her primary focus. In 1988, her novel “La Mujer Habitada” gained widespread recognition for introducing gender issues in Nicaraguan revolutionary narratives. With her compelling storytelling and dedication to raising awareness about social issues, Belli remains an influential figure in both Nicaraguan and international literature.

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