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NamibiaComputer Scientist

Anicia Peters

Anicia Peters, a renowned Namibian computer scientist, is the CEO of the National Commission of Research, Science, and Technology (NCRST). With expertise in human-computer interaction (HCI), Peters has made significant contributions to technology and research. She has earned several awards, including the Rector’s Medal and the Prof. Yrjö Neuvo Award, for her outstanding achievements in information technology. Peters is also a strong advocate for women in computing and has organized various initiatives to promote women’s involvement in the field.

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Christine Mboma

At just 18 years old, Christine Mboma made history by winning a silver medal in the 200 meters at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Not only did she become the first Namibian woman to win a women’s Olympic medal, but she also broke the world under-20 record and African senior record in the process. Mboma’s remarkable journey from a small village in Namibia to the Olympic podium is a testament to her determination and hard work.

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NamibiaLong JumperSprinter

Johanna Benson

Johanna Benson, born in 1990 in Walvis Bay, Namibia, is a Paralympian athlete known for her achievements in the T37 long jump and sprint events. She made history at the 2012 Summer Paralympics by becoming Namibia’s first-ever Paralympic gold medalist in the women’s 200 meters race. Benson’s accomplishments have not only made her a celebrated athlete but also a trailblazer and role model for aspiring athletes in Namibia.

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Gwen Lister

Gwen Lister (born 5 December 1953 in East London, South Africa) is a prominent Namibian journalist, publisher, and anti-apartheid activist. With a steadfast commitment to press freedom, Lister has fearlessly endured numerous challenges and made significant contributions to the field of journalism in Namibia.

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NamibiaLaw Enforcement

Christina Van-Dunem Da Fonsech

Christina Jackbin Nanghali Van-Dunem Da Fonsech-Shikongo, also known as the “Nampol Iron Lady,” is a prominent figure in the Namibian Police Force. Despite a challenging upbringing, she overcame obstacles to become a chief inspector. Her commitment to community policing and cracking down on fraudulent individuals has earned her the reputation as a dedicated and influential leader. Although no official awards have been recorded, her impact on the safety and well-being of Namibian citizens is undeniable.

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Monica Geingos

Monica Geingos is a renowned entrepreneur, lawyer, and the First Lady of Namibia. With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, she has made significant contributions to Namibia’s economy and society. Geingos has been recognized with various awards and honors for her achievements and leadership. Her commitment to socioeconomic development and empowering young people has solidified her legacy as a remarkable leader and advocate for positive change.

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Rosa Namises

Rosa Namises, also known as Visolela Rosalinda “Rosa” Namises, was born in 1958 in the Old Location of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. She hails from the Damara people, and her bravery and dedication to human rights and gender equality have earned her the nickname “Rosa Luxemburg of Namibia.”

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